Participant assessments

All study procedures are performed at Radboud University Medical Center. Participants are invited to come to the study site in Nijmegen three times, during the 2 years of follow-up, for a full day of data collection. The visits include the following assessments:
  • Detailed clinimetrics
  • Blood sampling
  • ECG & holter
  • Neuroimaging
  • Lumbar puncture (optional)
Before the study visits participants receive a kit for stool collection at home. After the study visits participants are asked to complete a variety of questionnaires for self-monitoring and are asked to wear the Verily Study Watch (up to 23 hours a day) for longitudinal measurements of physiologic activity and environmental data.

For an overview of the study and a more detailed view on the data (biomarkers and clinimetrics) some factsheets were developed. Click here to download them

Project team