Participant assessments

All study procedures are performed at Radboud University Medical Center. Participants are invited to come to the study site in Nijmegen three times, during the 2 years of follow-up, for a full day of data collection. The visits include the following assessments:
  • Detailed clinimetrics
  • Blood sampling
  • ECG & holter
  • Neuroimaging
  • Lumbar puncture (optional)
Before the study visits participants receive a kit for stool collection at home. After the study visits participants are asked to complete a variety of questionnaires for self-monitoring and are asked to wear the Verily Study Watch (up to 23 hours a day) for longitudinal measurements of physiologic activity and environmental data.

For an overview of the study and a more detailed view on the data (biomarkers and clinimetrics) some factsheets were developed. Click here to download them


On this website you will find more information about the Personalized Parkinson Project, and other studies conducted by the PPP-team.

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On this website you can find more information about the Personalized Parkinson Project and other associated studies.

Personalized Parkinson Project

In 2017, the Radboudumc, in collaboration with the American company Verily Life Sciences, started the Personalized Parkinson Project (PPP). This is a large-scale study into the origin and course of Parkinson's disease. By extensively following a large group of people with Parkinson's disease for two years, we wanted to gain new knowledge and lay the foundation for personalized treatments.

PPP 'De Novo'

Because of the success of the PPP, a collaboration between the Radboudumc and the pharmaceutical company UCB (Union Chimique Belge) has started. This collaboration has led to a new study: PPP De Novo. This study differs from the PPP-study in that the focus is on collecting research data from people with parkinson's who are not yet taking parkinson's medication. The survey data will be used to develop a new measure to measure Parkinson's disease in a reliable and objective way. 

Other studies

Due to the succes of our previous studies, we continue to participate in new studies on Parkinson's disease and a-typical parkinsonism.


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